Modern parents are looking for baby gear solutions that blend in with their lives. As the lead Fashion Designer for ExerSaucer, I was tasked with creating an entertainer that felt like a piece of furniture.

I partnered with the internal Industrial Design and engineering departments to create the 2-in-1 unit that had loads of play value and a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. The result of that collaboration, was a product with a color palette and toy set that had a more subdued color palette, but was still engaging to baby. Stage one is a traditional ExerSaucer with an innovative bounce feature. Stage two converts to a sleek play table for the older child. 

I was responsible for many aspects of this piece, including print & pattern, textile selection, production of fabric, input on overall feel of the product and also hosted the photoshoot in my own home! This project was a labor of love, and I hope it shows!

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