Hello, I'm Val Smith. Welcome to this quirky little corner of cyberspace!
I'm just a gal from Dayton, O. who loves her city, cloudy days, design, and large mugs of dark coffee. Actually, I love all of those things while drinking large mugs of dark coffee. I also use too many exclamation points! Sorry, not sorry.
In my design life (which blends pretty seamlessly with my real life) my absolute favorite things to do are print & pattern generation, logo design, and trend reports. I have worked in all manners of design venues including a sign house, a t-shirt shop, advertising agencies and two product design departments. That massive amount of experience means I'm up for anything, and pretty much makes me a creative juggernaut.
Collaboration makes my world go round. I love to partner with clients and teammates to make a project the best it can be. So, I think the question begs to be asked, "what can we get started together"?

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