When I heard a hate group was going to hold a rally in my town, I couldn’t sleep until I did something about it. I got connected to the right people, and designed this little graphic.

The response from the City of Dayton was overwhelming. People were looking for a symbol to unite behind, and organically, my little logo took off. It appeared in the Dayton Daily News as a full page spread. It hung in the windows of businesses downtown. The mayor proudly displayed it at press conferences. My socialmedia newsfeed filled up with the logo, as nearly every Daytonian I knew adopted it as their profile photo.

In the end, only about eight members of that group showed up to cower in the corner of our Courthouse Square, confronted with hundreds of passionate counter-protesters.
It is the singular most important thing I have ever had a part in.
Here's the Mayor, Nan Whaley, appearing on local television with the logo!

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